Monday, 28 January 2013

Spinney Hill Park

Etta Grady, centre, with her son Brendan
Living first on Berners St and then, Upper Conduit St, Spinney Hill Park was our park of choice. Victoria Park seemed too far away and I didn't really get to know it till we'd been moved out to Eyres Monsell and  I came back to Highfields to go to Collegiate Girl's on College St.

I can remember climbing, what felt like, the huge hills of Darley and Dale St to get to the top of the park: the expanse of it would then stretch out before you and you could run all the way down to the bottom. I would go with my cousins, the Holt's, and recall getting very sick from crab apples we picked from somewhere down by that little brook. I can also remember sitting on a dog's back to get up the hill (don't know who he belonged to!) and a particular corner shop where we'd buy broken biscuits out of a square tin box with a see through lid. But sadly no photos..until now.

I was thrilled to get this photo recently of Etta Grady and her son Brendan enjoying a day at the park.
What do you remember about Spinney Hill Park? Who else has any photos?

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