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Kent St

Kent St
Debbie Field’s father Jimmy Tyrrell was the eldest boy in his family. He was born in the Rotunda, Dublin and brought up in Drumcondra. Jimmy came over to England as he was the only one left at home. He had been living at home with his mother: his father had died and all his siblings had moved away.

He came to Leicester around 1958 and moved in with his sister Rita and her husband, Patty Fox, at 38 Runcorn Rd, Eyres Monsell: Rita was the youngest in the family.

Jimmy had been a tailor in Dublin but found work in the hosiery industry in Leicester. Once established in Leicester lots of nephews started to come over and he got them work there too.
He met his wife, an English girl, Mavis Munn, at a hosiery factory where they both worked and they married in 1960.

Their daughter Debbie, was born in Saxby St.

They lived at 10 Kent St from 1961/62 to 1964. They then moved back up to Eyres Monsell to 26 Kelso Green.

Thanks to Dennis Calow at Vanished Leicester for the photo.

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