Monday, 2 July 2012

More holidays...

Digging a bit deeper after the last post about holidays I came across these photos. I don't know where they're taken exactly but the Scarborough/Torquay sign shows they were at least in England. I'm assuming they are taken before any kids were born ( Sarah and Rita had me and my cousin Gary at around the same time in 1957) and captures a beautiful day out at the seaside. In the days before phones at home, my Mum and her sisters kept in touch by letter and this is my Mum and Dad with her sister Rita and her husband John. Rita and John had come over to England to live in London where John had a job on the buses.

Paddy and Sarah Callaghan, Rita and John Duffy.
Paddy and Sarah Callaghan, Rita and John Duffy.

Uncle Jim ( Ormsby), John Duffy and Paddy Callaghan
 Uncle Jim, my Mum's uncle, had been over for quite a while and lived in Pershore where my Mum first went to when she was 17. ( I remember he drove a Reliant Robin that we squeezed into when he came to visit!). For me these pictures demonstrate those links that keep all families together: I don't know how often they would see each other but were all Irish abroad, having left family at home to start a new life here.

Paddy and Sarah Callaghan, John and Rita Duffy.
Sarah and Paddy Callaghan
This picture perhaps gives the strongest clue as to where they were taken. Does anyone recognise the rows of houses in the background?

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