Saturday, 6 October 2012

RIP Cathleen

Cathleen and her husband , Don Nolan.

Yesterday was a sad day for The Irish in Leicester: we said goodbye to the lovely Cathleen Nolan.
Cathleen was one of the first people I interviewed for this blog. She willingly agreed to help me and turned up with more photos and stories that I could possibly use here. She had been born around the corner from my own mother in The Liberties, Dublin, and there was more than a bit of me that hoped she might remember Sarah Hill, or more likely her younger sisters. Cathleen went by many names and "Kitty"  Nolan, as I liked to call her, was the name of one of my aunties, so one away or another I felt a connection with her.

She was lively and charming, a singer and a dancer: clearly a beauty in her day and a handsome woman right up to the day she died. She had an eye for clothes and fashion and would often comment on the cut of my coat, the length of a skirt or the turn of a heel. She will be sadly missed.

Cathleen with her own photo on the Ipad.
Read Cathleen and Don's story here.

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