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74 Dronfield St.

 Kathleen, Brian (a friend Brenda Cree ) and Judith Flynn on the step of 74 Dronfield St. 1952.

Judith Hubbard’s father, Timothy Flynn from Roscommon, first came over to Birmingham where he worked on the railway.
Mary Cunningham, from Port Laois, had come to Birmingham too: Mary’s dad had died and there were possibly too many mouths to feed with no money coming in to the house-so she came to England.
Timothy and Mary married in 1939 and moved over to Kettering where their daughter, Judith, was born in 1941. They moved to Leicester in 1942 and found a terraced house, 74 Dronfield St , through someone Timothy worked with. 

During the war Timothy signed up with the British Army and was based at Catterick but Mary and Judith stayed in Leicester. Three more children, Timothy, Kathleen and Brian were born in Dronfield St. after the war and Mr and Mrs Flynn lived there all their lives.

The children went to Sacred Heart and Judith remembers the Headmistress, Sister LLoyola, Miss Veal and Miss Burkett. She also remembers Father Murdoch, Father Henry and Sister Gemma.

Judith later went to Moat, Brian to City of Leicester and Kathleen, Corpus Christi.
Mary worked at John Bull, Evington Valley Rd.

Judith remembers many, many shops around where she lived:

Norton’s  a haberdashery shop on the corner of Eggington and Dronfield St. and an off licence on the opposite corner called Ward’s.
Mrs. Deacon’s was a general grocer’s store at the 3rd corner of the crossroad where they would cut the butter to size and weigh out the sugar.
The Finnegan’s had The Dew Drop Inn, Laxton St.
Winterbottom’s Grocery Shop was at the top of Dronfield St. on a corner with Mere Rd.
Houghan’s Greengrocer’s, an electrical shop called Buttons and a newsagent were also part of the strip of shops at the top of Dronfield St.

There was a sweet shop in middle of the street, Frank’s. When sweets were rationed she remembered him slicing up a Mars bar to share between the family. This shop keeper donated ice lollies for the Coronation Day celebrations on the street.

Judith remembers:
Kathleen and Maureen Larkin,
Pauline Everett,
Brother and sister, Marie and Tommy Kebill,
Nora Lee, who lived opposite Sacred Heart and Nora O’Gorman, who lived next door to her.

Who and where do you remember?

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