Sunday, 29 April 2012

A busy week...

This week:
  • I met with Pete Kinsey, an Leicester man who embraced the Irish showband culture in the 70s and has followed it ever since. Do the names New Blues, The Cotton Mill Boys and The Nevada ring any bells? Pete has fond memories of showbands and of St. Patrick's Club, Abbey St.and the good friends who worked there.
  • I started to write up a story from Royal East St and St Patrick's school.
  • I visited the Corby Heritage Centre to film " Migrant Stories"  with Colin Hyde, for the Midlands Oral History Project. We spent Friday listening to the wonderful stories of new comers to Corby: this time from Scotland, Walsall and London, all with similar tales of needing to move for work, the loss of leaving family behind and the struggle to make a new life for themselves. This was part of my own training in film and sound and I hope to be making movie stars of my own dear, dear Irish ladies and gentelmen soon.
  • And finally this week we were in the Leicester Mercury. The new Mr. Leicester, Austin Ruddy, was kind enough to make us the lead feature on Friday night. He is of Irish stock himself so I'm hoping to be telling his story  here too one day soon. 
More details of all this in the week to come.

If you'd like to be involved contact us on 0116 276 9186 or pop in to:
The Emerald Centre, Gipsy Lane, Leicester. LE5 OTB
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