Saturday, 2 June 2012

Princess Rd

 Chris Conlon came over from Sligo in June 1949 because his brother was already here working down the pit. He went to see someone about work on the Friday and was down the pit on the Monday morning and then lived and worked around Ibstock/Coalville/Ellistown and Ravenstone for 2 yrs 
 He remembers the landlord had a dog that would keep barking and he hit him on the nose to shut him up!

Princess Rd
He later lived at 31 Princess Rd. 10 or 11 men lived here and the landlady, a Leicester woman, would call them for Mass at Holy Cross. They would also sometimes go to the Polish Mass. As he was a miner, Chris could get free coal. He would get the landlady a ton of coal every 6 weeks and she didn’t charge him rent. The men on building sites would get her wood to burn.

2 Turner St

He also lived on 26 Lower Hastings St, 11 Tower St (where he was chucked out by the Welsh landlady) and 2 Turner St.

This black and white photo is taken outside 38 Equity Rd where Chris later lived with his wife and young children: John Patrick, Christine and Michael.

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  1. Those magnificent Silver Cross prams didn't come cheap!