Friday, 23 March 2012



And the connections keep coming....

Today I will be having lunch with Penny Walker who, with a local residents association, HART , has just started a community history project in South Highfields, called We Are South Highfields. The area they are looking at goes from Conduit Street to London Road  up to Evington Road to East Park Road up to St. Peter's Road, Sparkenhoe Street and back to Conduit Street.)

Those streets will be familiar to many Irish in Leicester who found rooms and lodgings there when they first came over. The image above is linked to an interactive map; each pin represents a member of the Irish community and their families. Click any pin to discover a little more about where we lived.

Who do you know? Who do you recognise? Who have you found after years of losing touch?

Let me know where your family lived and put them on the map!

If you'd like to be involved contact us on 0116 276 9186 or pop in to:
The Emerald Centre, Gipsy Lane, Leicester. LE5 OTB

Click here to view a map of The Irish in Leicester.

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  1. This is an excellent blog - its great to have a system to share our histories and the experiences of the older members of our community.