Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Victoria Park

Car park entrance, top of Regent Rd/Granville Rd.

 From where I lived on Upper Conduit St,Victoria Park seemed a long way away and I actually have no memory of going there at all as a child. But the pictures below show how well used and important it was to many of the Irish community living in Highfields. The classic "lungs of the city" Victoria Park was originally a racecourse, (doesn't that make sense!) and New Walk was laid out partly to provide access to it from the town.

My secondary school was Collegiate Girl's on College St and I would often go up to the park with friends during the dinner hour (or even during lessons). I later went to Leicester University and lived on Clarendon Park Rd where Vicky Park became an integral part of my everyday life.

Josie Silk with Martin and Gabrielle.
What do you remember of Victoria Park?
Did it give you that space and time to forget the mines, the buildng sites, the factories and the offices?
Did it give your children that precious green space to run free?

Greta Holt
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  1. You need to find Nessan Danaher, who sadly I've lost contact with.

    1. Thanks Kevin. Everyone mentions Nessan and I believe his son works in a school in Leicester so I'll be getting in touch.